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#45 Weekend reads – other people’s business

In my forthcoming book, Uncommon Courage, one of the many things I talk about is how invested we seem to be in dissecting/gossiping/judging other people’s lives, and yet, how can we ever know the true story of the life of another? None of us have all of the data when it comes to other people – even those closest to us – so why do we waste our time, energy and attention on this?

Is it because we love it? Is it because it’s so tantalizing?

We had a global case study of it this week with the Oprah, Meghan, Harry interview, plus the Piers Morgan sideshow. To be very clear, I don’t have opinions one way or another. I have Royalist friends, as much as I have those opposed to Royalty. Regardless of what everyone else thinks, I am completely neutral. Always the observer, I suppose.  

What I have found interesting is the vitriol on both sides of the conversation. Such deep hatred being expressed. And I look at it all, wondering why we need to jump on board in the first place? Wondering why any of us think we know what it is like to be them? Wondering why we care so much?

However, there are two aspects of this whole story that do concern me. We live in a time where we claim that women must be heard and racism must be named and addressed. And yet, when someone raises her own mental health challenges and racism experiences in the heart of the Royal Family, it’s perfectly acceptable to say – we don’t believe you. And this is due to her title and privilege in the family.

If we do not create space for all people, especially women, to be able to speak their truth – regardless of what we think about it and regardless of who they are – we create dangerous precedents where other’s don’t feel they can speak up. It makes people – who are less powerful – fearful, and that will always concern me.

Is it true? Is it false? That is not the issue. If it happened, it must be faced, because if this family doesn’t address it, what hope do we have for the world to move forward and change?

I hope, at some point, we can see all of these moments as an opportunity for change, because ultimately, the most important issue of our time is a need for radical societal change across all countries in the world. Because if we don’t, we will not be able to tackle the real threats humanity faces.

And please, I don’t want to argue with anyone about this story. I know people have very strong ideas both ways, and I believe we have a right to it. I also believe we have the right to speak them. My comments are not about our rights, but about the impact we have in expressing them. My point is much bigger than this story. It’s about the right to speak up and be heard – especially if you are a woman of colour. Nothing more.

Ultimately, we have much bigger issues to deal with, and that is where my mind is constantly focused, which is why I share these weekend reads. I hope you value them.

Friends content

International Women’s Day – Hype or Hope? Huge appreciation to my friend Lavinia Thanapathy for writing this article. It really captures the issues we must address, because equality really is good for everyone. Anyone actively fighting against equality makes life worse for all.

The Difference One Man Can Make: A Personal Story – a wonderful reflection by Su-Yen Wong. Men as allies make all the difference in creating a better future for women, and that starts at home.


Before you scroll, please, if you can donate, donate, donate!!! Some suggestions World Food Program., UN Refugee Program, PowerOf ,, Soi Dog Foundation. If you can afford to be generous, now is the time to help your fellow human.

Content to read

And here’s the content I’ve been reading this last week. Scan the headlines, read the ones that jump out at you, read or watch them all. Knowledge is power, and global knowledge is even more powerful.

Climate Crisis / 6th Mass Extinction

Global heating pushes tropical regions towards limits of human livability

Is it time for “ecocide” to become an international crime?

How Mexico’s Vast Tree-Planting Program Ended Up Encouraging Deforestation

Biden admin advances major offshore wind farm

12 Republican state attorneys general sue President Biden over climate change order

Want to fight climate change? Educate a girl

Climate change: Kerry urges top polluters to cut emissions now


Maharashtra: Nagpur becomes first major Indian city to return to lockdown

Confidence in COVID-19 vaccines continues to rise, Ipsos-Forum poll shows

Are you procrastinating more? Blame the pandemic.

Covid: The man with ‘super antibodies’

COVID Killed the Traditional Workplace. What Should Companies Do Now?

Covid-19: Brazil experts issue warning as hospitals ‘close to collapse’

CDC Says Fully Vaccinated People Can Gather Privately Without Masks

You Got the Vaccine! What Can You Do Now? Tks Kimi MC

Harry, Meghan, Oprah, Piers

Why Oprah was the big winner in Harry and Meghan’s interview

Piers Morgan stands by Meghan criticism after Good Morning Britain exit

Piers Morgan: end of the road for the man who never knew when to stop

People Are Posting Memes And Jokes In Response To Meghan And Harry’s Interview, And Here Are The 50 Best Ones

Everyone loves Alex Beresford for his takedown of Piers Morgan over Meghan Markle – 11 favourite reactions

People enjoyed Trisha Goddard’s scathing takedown of Piers Morgan over Meghan Markle and racism

Meghan and Harry interview: Urgent Palace talks over claims

Duke of Sussex says racism was ‘large part’ of reason why he and Meghan left UK – as it happened

Piers Morgan stormed off his own TV show in a row over Meghan Markle – 9 crushing takedowns

‘I’m Sickened’ Piers & Susanna Clash Over Prince Harry & Meghan Interview

Global Politics

Kevin Rudd joins calls for independent inquiry into Porter claims – tks Phillipa Edwards

Myanmar protests: Civilian leader in hiding vows to continue ‘revolution’

Two Decades After the ‘End of Welfare,’ Democrats Are Changing Direction

Powerful image captures nun begging Myanmar police to ‘shoot me instead’ before they fire into crowd of protesters tks Suzie Cecilia

The difference between the Trump tax cuts and the Biden relief bill, in one chart tks Denise Chai

PAP MP shares commentary post on S’pore national reserves made by foreign commentator

Canberra’s pale, stale and male tribe is missing the moment – as it did with Julia Gillard’s misogyny speech tks Carol Hay

Business and Technology

Twitter Aims to Be Most Diverse Tech Company: APAC VP

Anguish, Determination, Hope: Travel Workers Despair a Lost Year

Thailand can become the top destination for vacations with crypto tks Caryl McDonald

McKinsey’s partners suffer from collective self-delusion

How to poison the data that Big Tech uses to surveil you tks Deepthi Anne

Microsoft email server hacks put Biden in a bind

Zoom founder Eric Yuan transfers $6bn of his shares

Hollywood bigwigs shower praise on creators of Minnesota bowling alley drone video Tks Wayne Chan – brilliant!

Social issues (#BlackLivesMatter) and humanity

About the boys: Tim Winton on how toxic masculinity is shackling men to misogyny tks Graham Harvey

Tucker Carlson: Pentagon rebukes Fox host for attacking ‘feminine’ military

Beth Moore, a Prominent Evangelical, Splits With Southern Baptists

Why we need to take bad sex more seriously

Sarah Everard: Met officer held over missing woman taken to hospital

Sarah Everard: Met criticised over Clapham vigil policing

Ghislaine Maxwell’s US jail conditions ‘are torture’ – brother

On gay rights, young Africans share the intolerance of their elders

Quarter of women and girls have been abused by a partner, says WHO

Pope, top Iraq Shiite cleric deliver message of coexistence tks Claude Calleja

5 Insidious Thoughts Holding You Back In Midlife And How To Eliminate Them. Tks Scott Friedman

Drive For Five Launch Video

Passion, humour, history

Archaeologic finds in Mesa, Tempe connect the history of O’odham peoples’ history to present day

Twins peak with more born than ever before

Remembering Allan McDonald: He Refused To Approve Challenger Launch, Exposed Cover-Up tks David Lim

Let me know what jumped out at you?



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