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The words you use, both verbally and written, to speak about your company, products and services, as well as content for specific audiences

A Simple Guide to Getting Your Message Across

Stop selling and telling - start asking and listening

We rarely share other blogs on this site, but this was a short and simple reminder of what is most important in defining a communication strategy. When you are defining any message for going to market, to what ever audience – what, why, how, when and who – are the questions to answer. It really is…

The Difference Between a Vision and a Mission Statement?


One question I am asked regularly is – what is the difference between a vision and a mission statement? Now by putting this opinion out there, many may disagree and say it’s the other way around, but this is what I believe is the difference, and what I follow when working with customers to define…

Internal Communication is a Fine Art

David Cook, Cisco

I had the great pleasure of interviewing David Cook, the Communications Director for Cisco, Asia Pacific, Japan and Greater China, this week. Responsible for communications across a very complex and diverse region, David had some terrific insight toward internal communications as a skill in its own right, and he talked about how authenticity, honesty, and…

Microsoft Senior Executive Shares Communication Wisdom for AP

Andrew Pickup

Everyone knows Microsoft and most people on the planet have used Microsoft products at some point in their lives. Like all companies, Microsoft has to constantly adapt to provide relevant and current products/services in today’s ever changing competitive technological landscape. With the advent of Cloud computing, this is a critical time in Microsoft’s development. For…

If Your Company was a Person, What Sort of Person Would it be?

What is the image of your company?

Would it be young and trendy, mature and sophisticated, elegant and chic, or fun and sporty? It’s an interesting question to ask and you’ll often find the company you’d like to be is nothing like the company you are. Don’t worry, many companies are in the same boat, but you can become the company you…

Lenovo – from Pretty Terrible to Getting Close


When Lenovo first acquired IBM’s PC division, its global message to market was a shambles. It’s improved a lot, and while not there yet, it’s close and just needs a further level of refinement. The message is all there, it’s just too much!

Lorna Jane – a Core Message and Fantastic Product

Abstract grey heart with silver diamonds

I’d never heard of Lorna Jane and then, about 18 months ago, it started entering into the peripheries of my awareness. It happened simply enough when, on a couple of occasions, I found myself complimenting people’s outfits, asking where they got them from. I was told “oh this is Lorna Jane.” Mmmmm what is Lorna…

“Practise Goodism”

Nudie smoothie

There is a cool brand of juices in Australia called “Nudie.” Nudie are awesome because they’ve developed juices with absolutely no preservatives, additives or any other crap in them. We loved them. _ The reason I highlight Nudie on this blog is because it’s a brand that not only became very successful in Australia against…