In April 2012, Singaporean travellers will have the option of a new low cost airline within the competitive mix – Scoot. I recently heard the CEO, Campbell Wilson interviewed on radio, and I have to say, I was pretty impressed. This is a company that has thought very deeply about what Scoot means and how it wants to be perceived in the market, something that will differentiate it in Asia. The CEO was brilliant in getting across all of the key messages that reflect Scoot’s image – even if its messaging is not complete.

It’s a great example of creating a great corporate story in line with the brand, and so far, it’s working. If you listen to the company spokespeople, it is not just an airline – it’s an experience, an adventure, and something people want to be part of. You can’t launch a low-cost airline subtly and win these days that’s for sure, and with JetStarand Air Asia firm competitors, it is bound to be a VERY interesting journey for Scoot as they work hard to gain a foothold. They appear to be off to a good start though, because nothing is subtle about Scoot, and as it’s Singapore Airlines’low-cost alternative, I’m sure SIA won’t let it fail.

My criticism so far, the Website is a bit thin, providing limited information and it’s not easy to navigate. I’m sure there is a super-dooper digital agency working on its official site as we speak, so I’d suggest they move pretty quickly, because right now, it could turn people away. I just hope it’s not the same agency SIA used last year…

From a social media perspective, its well on the way, with a blog introducing their team – giving them a human face – and interestingly, they’re using the Facebook page to select the company slogan – smart. (Check out this link for airline slogan examples). I voted for “Flying Just Got Fun” – my preference from their options – but I think they can do better. They’re definitely building social momentum, which has to be a core part of its strategy, and with nearly 30,000 members in its FB club before a plane has taken off, that ain’t too bad.

Scoot is all about “Scootitude,” because they claim to be an airline with attitude. As a company getting ready to go to market, I’d suggest it’s a pretty cool project for marketers to watch, as we have a great opportunity to see its marketing strategy take shape and evolve. What works and what doesn’t is going to be very public, so some potential lessons for all of us.

So what do you think – is a new, funky and hip low-cost airline going to be a success in Asia?


Andrea Edwards

Managing Director


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Andrea is an award winning B2B communications professional with more than 23 years’ experience from around the globe, including 12 years exclusively in Asia Pacific. Focused principally in the ICT industry, Andrea has grown with the industry, and she has a proven talent to communicate with customers, prospects, stakeholders and influencers in a way that deeply resonates and gets results.

In her current role at Novus Asia, Andrea relishes sharing her passion for content marketing and its’ ability to fundamentally transform how businesses market to their customers. To be at the heart of this revolution in Asia, where every day she partners with inspired business leaders on their journey into a new era of business storytelling, is what drives her to achieve greater success. Additionally, Andrea understands that to succeed in content, professionals must be motivated and trained to build their personal brands to truly harness the amazing content being created for brands today.

Andrea was an early-adopter of blogging, authoring five very different blogs today, she’s a social media evangelist (a Top 100 Social Seller on LinkedIn in Singapore) and has had the great privilege to work around the world - EMEA, the US, ANZ and Asia.
Andrea’s core skill-set is communication excellence - she listens to and understands her customers, and is considered by many a positive disruptor in her field. She is constantly seeking to motivate colleagues, coaching and mentoring them to be more effective with their personal digital branding, as well as defining and executing communication strategies, content strategy, content creation, senior executive digital coaching, messaging and positioning, as well as a world-class business writer and story teller.

While Andrea’s career has been principally focused on ICT, she has also gained experience in other major industries, including defence, aerospace, government, travel & tourism, HR, environment, professional services, health, marketing services, financial services, and even the brewing industry. Andrea has been: Analyst Relations Lead for Microsoft Asia; Managing Director, SAJE, her own communications, content marketing & messaging agency; Director, Marketing Services for IDC Asia Pacific, Singaapore; Group Communications Manager for Baycorp Advantage, Sydney; Marketing Communications Consultant, ClearForest, NYC; Account Director with Text 100 International, Boston & London; a PR Consultant for various firms, London; Communications Co-ordinator, AeroSpace Technologies of Australia (now Boeing); and a Musician in the Australian Army, followed by PR representative for the Australian Defence Force PR Unit.

Andrea left Australia in 1995 to pursue her deep love of travel and archaeology, and she has a Bachelor of Arts from Monash University, majoring in music and archaeology.

You can follow Andrea on Twitter @AndreaTEdwards, her professional communications blog can be found at, where she writes about global trends in content, content marketing, communications, social media and social business, translating global trends for Asian relevancy. And of course, you can find her on LinkedIn andreaedwardsasia.

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