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Andrew Pickup
Microsoft Senior Executive Shares Communication Wisdom for AP
Everyone knows Microsoft and most people on the planet have used Microsoft products at some point in...
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Please don’t Sell - Share Value
I want to share some great things I’ve learnt about social media with my very small business community...
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Will you take the SAJE Speakers’ Challenge?
I attended an event last week; it was a great event, all except one speaker. He was speaking on behalf...
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Content Marketing Research Highlights Challenges and Opportunities
I gained early access to the “B2B Content Marketing Trends 2011” research report this week, because I...
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Part Two - If Your Company was a Person, What Sort of Person Would it be?
In the first blog on messaging I asked if your company was a person, what sort of a person would it be?...
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7 Insights to Great Analyst Relations
A chat with Dane Anderson, CEO and Executive Vice President, Springboard Research Dane Anderson, CEO...
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Want to Start Blogging? Here’s What I’ve Learnt...
Something very strange has been happening to me recently. People have been asking for my advice on blogging,...
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If Your Company was a Person, What Sort of Person Would it be?
Would it be young and trendy, mature and sophisticated, elegant and chic, or fun and sporty? It’s an...
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CEOs Wake up and Smell the Social Media Coffee
I was chatting with a great friend of mine, probably one of the IT industry analysts I respect the most...
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How Not to do Business
A few years ago I attended a MICE event in Singapore. It was a fabulous event, fully supported by the...
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Sell Value NOT Services
A message for people working in marketing agencies, selling value is what is required to succeed. Make...
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Lenovo – from Pretty Terrible to Getting Close
When Lenovo first acquired IBM's PC division, its global message to market was a shambles. It's improved...
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Lorna Jane – a Core Message and Fantastic Product
I’d never heard of Lorna Jane and then, about 18 months ago, it started entering into the peripheries...
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"Practise Goodism"
There is a cool brand of juices in Australia called “Nudie.” Nudie are awesome because they’ve developed...
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Who's Best to Speak?
I’ve attended thousands of events, whether I’ve organised them, participated in them, or...
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