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Is Your Mum Safe?
Throughout my last year at Microsoft, I’ve been working with my communication and marketing colleagues...
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Scoot Off Message?
I’ve been part of a very interesting discussion about newsjacking on LinkedIn today – see links for an...
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Jo Malone London and Coach. Two Brands, One Winner
I have a very sweet and thoughtful husband. He makes me work really hard at birthdays and Christmas to...
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Does Klout Have Clout?
I love Klout. I love the idea of it and know that – over time – it’s going to be a cracking...
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The Culture of Business Cards in Asia
When I was in the US a couple of weeks ago, I noticed very few people willingly exchanged business cards,...
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Innovation, Evolution and Technology for Marcoms in Asia
I attended IDC’s Software and Services Client Summit in Singapore recently, and it was nice to catch...
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The Big Data Opportunity for Asia Pacific
Recently, Microsoft hosted Kenneth Cukier in Singapore. Ken is the Business Correspondent with The Economist...
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A Change of Direction
I’ve been quiet due to some rather significant changes in recent weeks – I’ve taken on the lead analyst...
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52 Tips on Content and Community From the Top New Media Experts
If you are in a marketing, communications, digital media, or any other role within the marketing mix,...
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Content Marketing in Asia Pacific Slow to Evolve
I’ve been a bit slow off the mark this New Year and hope everyone is already blazing into 2013. I haven’t...
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2012 in review
This is one of the many reasons why WordPress is cool – I just received this report. If you’re...
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kiav300x300 Doing Good + Content Marketing
At this time of year, when many of us are wrapping up work to focus on the important things in life,...
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Messaging my Own Company - a Lesson Learned
Since launching SAJE in 2006, I’ve gone through a few messaging revamps. I haven’t done this because...
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Start-ups Asia Pacific – 7 Ideas to Get Media Coverage
I’ve just read this great article – How To Get Media Coverage For Your Start-up: A Complete Guide by...
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Asia Pacific Social Media Stats – Australia, China, India and Japan
It’s a pretty-much well proven fact that the world has changed and marketers must focus on where their...
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Your Personal Professional Profile is Vital
In today’s social world, one thing I’m not seeing enough of in Asia Pacific is people investing in their...
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Softbank 30 Year Vision – An Asian Lesson
SoftBank Corporation is a Japanese headquartered telecommunications and Internet corporation, with operations...
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Blokes I Know on Pinterest
Pinterest is considered a social media phenomenon with women, and much of what is written about it is...
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Facebook Corporate Values
I’ve been undertaking extensive research on corporate values across companies all over the world – large...
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How Many Characters for Social Media Business Pages?
I’ve just spent a great deal of time researching the number of characters allowed on the business pages...
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Anyone Know Someone who Works at Apple?
A quick blog today – phew huh? I’m wondering if someone can make an introduction, just because I want...
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How a Different Approach to Blogging can set Asian Subsidiaries Free
I’ve recently had two discussions with friends working within subsidiaries of global IT companies – and...
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Slogans or Taglines – How to Create a Great One
I recently concluded a complete messaging revamp for an exciting company in the Cloud strategic advisory...
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The 3 Significant Challenges for CIOs in Asia Pacific
Last week I posted an article entitled: Feng Shui, Do You Have the Energy for Business Success, which...
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Feng Shui: Do You Have the Energy for Business Success?
I recently interviewed Feng Shui Master, Edwaard Liu, for an article I hoped to publish on another digital...
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Toys “R” Us Asia Pacific - Vision and Mission – Really?
I’ve been struggling with ‘Toys “R” Us’ in Singapore recently. It’s a place I have to visit on a regular...
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What is Inbound Marketing?
There’s a lot of talk about Inbound Marketing versus Outbound Marketing these days, and more and more...
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Sales Training – Four Focus Areas for Success
Ask any sales person during their annual review what they need from the company to hit their figures...
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Authenticity has never been More Important in Business
In my early 20s, my first job after graduating from University was becoming a Musician in the Australian...
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Mission Statements – World’s Top 10 Brands
Source: Millward Brown Continuing the discussion...
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