What is the one thing you can say yes to, no matter how much it scares you, that could really change the trajectory of your career and life?

We all have those things we know we must embrace to flourish, but it’s hard to step into it sometimes and just do it, right? I know, my journey was the same.

But I started to say yes when I remembered what my heart yearns to do.

It yearns to help people find the magic within them, find their voice, their self-belief, understand the tools they have to amplify their voice, and finally, get out there and live the largest life they can, making a huge, positive, impact on those around them.

That’s what I want to do. That’s what I’m here for.

To do it, I had to say yes to video and everything else that came along outside of my comfort zone. I had to step out from behind the camera and put myself in front of it. I had to do a lot of other stuff as well, which you can read about on the #JustSayYes launch blog.

To really make an impact in our world, I believe that playing small is not an option. Being in the shadows isn’t an option either. I couldn’t do it from the shadows, can you? Will you be forever frustrated if you do?

Let’s step into our future and #JustSayYes together.

I hope these amazing people inspire you to #JustSayYes!

#JustSayYes to authenticity in education with Phillipa Edwards

#JustSayYes to taking a leap and caring for the world with Stephanie Dickson

#JustSayYes to getting started and not letting perfection get in the way with Raksha Sukhia

#JustSayYes to finding your voice and your inner theme with Wendy Hogan

 Iconic We Can Do It image courtesy of Shutterstock.