Feel free to scroll through some recent presentations on content marketing and personal branding, delivered to various audiences in Asia.

Privileged to be invited to speak during Accenture’s IWD event in Singapore. Great ladies, and building a strong personal brand is a massive opportunity for everyone, but I would love to see more women embracing the professional opportunity it provides #LetsBeGreaterThan

I had the wonderful opportunity to speak at the Hootsuite event (#HootupSG) in Singapore recently. I started my presentation talking about the irony of the fact that people seem to consider me an ‘influencer’. I definitely take it as a compliment, but when I look back to the beginning of my journey (first personal blog launched 10 years ago, professional blog five years ago), I didn’t start with this goal. I started because I believe I’ve learnt a lot on my journey and I just really wanted to share my unique perspective, hoping it would help others along the way.

British Chamber of Commerce SME social media session – a brief overview of the social and content marketing opportunity for SMEs

How to Rock a Professional Social Presence, with Authenticity at the heart. A presentation for The Wedge Asia, Wednesday 14 October 2015 In Singapore.

Content Marketing is Fundamentally Competing for Attention with the Kadashians. A recent presentation for a global software company, linking content marketing and personal branding (or employee brand advocacy), because you cannot succeed in one without the other. However to get employees on side, you must put the integrity of their personal brand first and not just feed them marketing content. This is not the future.

Please Don’t Cold Call me on Social Media. My deck from the LinkedIn event #Introsg15 in Singapore, June 18 2015. Focused on content marketing, personal branding, and social selling in today’s new world, I hope you enjoy it. I also very much appreciated the invitation to speak from LinkedIn.


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