Scoot is on Message

In April 2012, Singaporean travellers will have the option of a new low cost airline within the competitive mix – Scoot. I recently heard the

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Appetite for Content

I was forwarded this Infographic and it speaks for itself. Based on UK research prepared by Base One in the Buyersphere Report from May 2011,

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IBM is a Social Business

A couple of weeks ago, I interviewed John Kerr, director for Edelman Digital in APAC. In the interview, we briefly touched on Edelman’s definition of

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Sell Value NOT Services

A message for people working in marketing agencies, selling value is what is required to succeed. Make your sales pitch relevant and you do that by communicating value as opposed to the services you offer.

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Lenovo – from Pretty Terrible to Getting Close

When Lenovo first acquired IBM’s PC division, its global message to market was a shambles. It’s improved a lot, and while not there yet, it’s close and just needs a further level of refinement. The message is all there, it’s just too much!

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“Practise Goodism”

There is a cool brand of juices in Australia called “Nudie.” Nudie are awesome because they’ve developed juices with absolutely no preservatives, additives or any

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Who’s Best to Speak?

I’ve attended thousands of events, whether I’ve organised them, participated in them, or just been there to listen, and there is one thing that happens

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