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360 Video is a massive content opportunity for business
I recently caught up with my friend, Andrew Psarianos, CEO of Picture Perfect Productions, and he showed...
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Personal branding requires grit, determination and never ever giving up
I had a great discussion with a fellow professional on personal branding yesterday and he said something...
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Make your employees the stars of your show
I was thrilled to have the opportunity to speak at the recent Hootsuite executive breakfast in Singapore...
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Content marketing is fundamentally about business transformation
If there is one thing I’m sure of, it’s this – we are having the wrong conversation about content marketing....
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Why content marketing must own social media
A friend recently asked me if they should move social media ownership under the banner of content marketing...
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You, me and 440 million+ others are responsible for LinkedIn
We’ve all read updates of people complaining that members of LinkedIn are posting Facebook-like posts...
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How HR leaders can drive content marketing and employee advocacy
I had a wonderful opportunity to speak at HRO Today Forum in Singapore recently. Thank you to my friend...
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4 focus areas to ensure your LinkedIn company page isn’t a shambles
It’s been a big week for LinkedIn, and I am looking forward to greater things from this valuable platform...
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What is the line you won’t cross with your personal brand?
I had the pleasure of speaking on a social media panel at the recent Asia Professional Speakers Singapore...
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Are you ignoring your greatest content creation resource today?
Every time I meet with a new company to talk about ramping up their content marketing efforts, the biggest...
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TTAM – turn off automation on social
Welcome to a new series I’ll write when inspired. TTAM = Things That Annoy Me and under this acronym...
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I’ve lost my job, help me with my LinkedIn profile?
I’m at the point where I could pay cash for a luxury dream holiday, anywhere in the world, if I was paid...
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Self-belief is the biggest inhibitor to building a personal brand
I need to talk about this because it comes up every time I run a training session with business professionals,...
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Asia Definitely Moved Beyond Why of Content Marketing to How
I enjoyed a great couple of days attending Content360 in Singapore last week, with ACMA as the Association...
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Heart of content marketing success
My greatest concern in 2016 is businesses becoming cynical about content marketing because it does not...
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Birth of a Blogger Pt 2: Why Are You Blogging?
The second edition, with Dan and Jade. Enjoy and thanks for the great support on part one. Answer this...
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The Digital Conversationalist due to be born
Well that’s it. My last day at Novus Asia and what a wonderful opportunity it’s been to work with the...
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Birth of a Blogger Part 1: Finding Your Voice
I loved doing this blog with Jade Alphonsine Tuan and Dan Seifert – enjoy! Hungry to start blogging but...
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Maybe Becoming an Influencer Shouldn’t be the Goal?
I had a wonderful opportunity to speak at Hootsuite’s #HootupSG Social Gurus Series: LinkedIn in Singapore...
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9 Reasons Content Marketing Isn’t Succeeding in Asia
For 18 months I’ve been working exclusively with brands to launch content marketing strategies and campaigns...
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Twitter is cool and I'm going to tell you why
Twitter has been going through a tough time as a business. It’s had leadership issues. Some of its new...
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It’s International Women’s Day, and it Matters for Men and Women
I can’t tell you how much it frustrates me that we need to have an International Women’s Day. I mean,...
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Where are all the Social CEOs? Not in the Fortune 500
Every year I look forward to receiving the #socialceo report, because it gives me statistical...
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How do you do it all? How do you find the time? Well… Hootsuite
Every single time I speak at an event, run employee advocacy/personal training or see mates I haven’t...
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Did Amanda Palmer Write the Business Book of 2015?
I think she did and I’m going to explain why. While most business books don’t start off with an exchange...
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A Storytelling Masterclass with Microsoft
Steve Clayton, Chief Storyteller, Microsoft I think everyone who attended the BritCham Singapore event...
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Do You Want Your Content Shared? Then Heed These Tips
I personally curate about 100 pieces of content every week. I do this for myself, my company, Novus Asia...
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What Have You Given on Social Media This Week?
Who have you praised? Who have you honoured? Who have you elevated? Whose blog have you shared? Or perhaps...
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Dear CEOs, Are You Happy Not Being a Blue Unicorn?
There is a definition for rare CEOs today called the Blue Unicorn. I first heard about Blue Unicorns...
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3 Basic Tips to Elevate Your LinkedIn Presence
I’m not perfect on LinkedIn, no one is, but there are a few missed opportunities I see every day and...
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