Author: AndreaTEdwards

Getting a peak under the hood of GE’s content marketing strategy

I was thrilled to interview Penny Shone, former managing director of Global Growth Communications at GE, who is now taking time out to consider what’s next. I know many people at our event were inspired by that alone – a senior business leader taking “a gap year!” Those breaks are so great for the soul. This interview was part of the relaunch of the Asia Content Marketing Association (ACMA) – of which I’m proud to be chairman this year – as well as the relaunch of Content Conversations under the ACMA event umbrella. Please do look into ACMA if you...

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Where leadership teams are going wrong with employee advocacy, and what you can do about it

My prediction for 2018 is senior executive teams will make it a number one priority to get employees engaged on social media, seeing it as a key driver and opportunity to build their business. Momentum has already started, especially in the B2B space, and it’s going to explode next year. Check in with me November 2018 to see if this prediction is right. But I have to tell you – it’s off to a shaky start. In recent conversations, senior leaders have been expressing frustration, because they are putting the employee advocacy tools in place – at great expense...

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