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It’s almost here, how to become a social leader, in Singapore. Join me

I’ve been blogging and building a personal brand for a decade, and if you’ve been following my blogs, I rarely ask for anything in return. In fact, I’ve discovered I don’t need to sell anything. I get phone calls and emails within minutes of publishing blogs from professionals wanting to work with me. These leaders value what I share and how I’ve carried myself in the digital realm for a long time, and that is the most powerful sales tool we all have today. Therefore, when it comes to the ROI of blogging and building a strong personal brand...

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How to turn your employees into B2B influencers

There is a lot of opinion/discussion around influencer marketing programs, and for certain industries – especially in the consumer space – it definitely makes sense. It’s not the only option, but it works, and in Asia, where celebrities are valuable influencers, the results speak for themselves. But I’m a B2B person and when I read about influencer marketing success, it’s almost always in the B2C space, with the majority of B2B brands struggling with how to get it right. Of course, there are articles like this – Influencer Marketing for B2B: 4 Examples That Prove It Can Work – and the...

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I’m in marketing or communications, where should I focus my efforts?

None of us can deny that marketing and communication professionals are anything but overwhelmed by our roles today. What technology should we use? How do we shift our advertising efforts to get better results? How do I demonstrate revenue from our campaigns? Content marketing, what, why, how? Employee advocacy, how do I create a movement? How can I make our digital activities more potent and powerful? How can I get customers actually engaging with our brand online? I need to find influencers! How can I get the sales and executive teams supporting me? Big data yes, I need to...

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What is your Social Selling Index? Is it important?

Do you know what your LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI) is? Click on the link and it will automatically tell you the result. Super simple, I promise. Your SSI result is measured across four categories: Establish your professional brand – fill in your LinkedIn profile completely and publish articles Find the right people – connect with people relevant to you. Many people ask if they should connect with people they haven’t met? My answer is always yes! LinkedIn isn’t Facebook, where most of us keep our connections to those we know. LinkedIn is a professional network, so finding people...

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Two reasons professionals aren’t embracing social leadership

Social leadership is the opportunity of our time, and yet for some reason, companies are completely distracted chasing external influencers they can’t control to become brand advocates, instead of looking within. The best influencers and advocates any company has today are its employees. More so in the B2B space. No one knows their customers like the employees do. You may have noticed I refer to it as social leadership versus personal branding, and that’s because the latter covers too many aspects – not just digital. Therefore, to more closely define what I’m talking about, you’ll see me using the...

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