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Um no, I don’t think anyone should outsource their voice on social media, no one

I love to have my thinking challenged. Love it! I take all challenges deep into the recesses of my brain, test it out, turn it around, and sometimes, it shakes my opinions up. When that happens, the new thought gets integrated into an existing idea, an idea that becomes broader and better. I love when that happens. I grow. Other times, challenges don’t change my thinking at all, but they do shake my resolve. Perhaps I’m wrong and they are right? Perhaps I need to rethink my views? I never mind my resolve being shaken, because it provides the...

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When women step up, does it help more women step up? I reckon it might

I’ve just returned from an incredible few days with my speaking tribe in Singapore, attending the Asia Professionals Speakers Convention 2018, organised by APSS. It’s my fifth Convention and this year, I finally decided it was time to put my hand up and say OK, I would like to speak. Let’s just say asking to speak in front of a room full of professional speakers is probably the most daunting #JustSayYes I’ve ever done, but then, you’ll never get more love from an audience either. It was a brilliant experience and feels like the beginning of an exciting new...

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The time to own your voice on social media is now

If you have no idea where to start in building your personal brand/social leadership position on social media, then please, do check out my How to build a Rock Star Personal Brand, which is up on Teachable. Use the code MYCOMMUNITY and get 20% off. You can understand the thinking behind it in the video here. Own it! This is the opportunity of today. Cheers Andrea If you like my style and what I talk about, feel free to follow me on any of these platforms on social media. My blog Twitter @AndreaTEdwards LinkedIn AndreaTEdwards LinkedIn The Digital...

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I am not a hustler, so what does that make me?

If there is a consistent message breaking through for me on social media, it’s the concept that we must all be out there hustling to build businesses and opportunities – especially if we’re entrepreneurs. Gary Vaynerchuck is the poster child of the hustle today, because let’s face it, no one does it better than him! While it might not be my style, I admire GaryV in how he goes about things – mainly because he’s got a very powerful and humble message underneath the performance – but also in his natural ease. People who participate on social media with...

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Are you joining the #DeleteFacebook movement? Or is this a sign of progress?

From the beginning I embraced social media with love in my heart. It gave me the opportunity to connect with all of the amazing people I’ve met around the world, having lived in five countries and travelled to many more. Before social media, I would have lost touch and they would have become distant memories. Social media has also given me amazing access to knowledge, easily accessible, and just that is enough to keep me hooked. So yes, it’s a genuine love for social coming directly from: connection; staying in touch; and knowledge. As time went on, I matured...

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