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Where leadership teams are going wrong with employee advocacy, and what you can do about it

My prediction for 2018 is senior executive teams will make it a number one priority to get employees engaged on social media, seeing it as a key driver and opportunity to build their business. Momentum has already started, especially in the B2B space, and it’s going to explode next year. Check in with me November 2018 to see if this prediction is right. But I have to tell you – it’s off to a shaky start. In recent conversations, senior leaders have been expressing frustration, because they are putting the employee advocacy tools in place – at great expense...

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Why we need a different approach to sexual harassment in Asia

Since #MeToo became viral, following the Harvey Weinstein allegations and all that’s followed, including Cindy Gallop asking the advertising industry to name and shame perpetrators, I’ve been thoughtfully following the conversations and listening carefully. Please listen to this podcast – Cindy Gallop on Weinstein, Trump & The Watershed For Women For me, it’s felt like a watershed moment – one where real change is possible. An opportunity to move humanity forward, to move equality forward, and for all of us to up our game. It’s a time for women, and anyone who feels oppressed, to claim our voice and...

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Can we just get real about personal branding?

I’ve spoken to thousands of people in the last couple of years about personal branding, and I’ve probably run my workshop for close to a thousand B2B professionals so far. At this point, I think I’m getting close to a good understanding of the market, how professionals are feeling about it, and where we’re at. I’ sure there will be new learnings as I move forward, but I’ve heard most of the reasons to be cynical – and happen to agree with them, although it’s still not a reason not to do it. I’ve also heard all of the...

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Are you in content marketing? Then join ACMA

I am delighted to be the chairman of the Asia Content Marketing Association (ACMA), as we move into a new era as a professional Association. If you are interested in learning more about ACMA, check out the introductory Website, or you can also click here for the great coverage that appeared in Mumbrella Asia recently – thank you Eleanor Dickinson. If you know me or have been following me for a long time, you’ll know content marketing is a topic I’ve been banging on about for a very long time. I’ve been banging on about it because I believe...

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