Andrea Edwards

Andrea Edwards, The Digital Conversationalist, is a globally award winning B2B communications professional with more than 20 years’ experience from around the globe, including 12 years exclusively in Asia Pacific. A content marketing strategy pioneer, blogger, writer, as well as a social leadership, employee advocacy and personal branding trainer/coach for businesses and professionals – Andrea has a proven talent to communicate with customers, prospects, stakeholders and influencers in a way that resonates deeply and gets results.

Andrea relishes sharing her passion for content marketing and its’ ability to fundamentally transform how we do business, because she sees content marketing as the core tool of disruption today. Sitting at the heart of this revolution in Asia, where every day she partners with inspired business leaders on their journey into a new era of business storytelling, is what drives her to achieve greater success.

Additionally, Andrea understands that to succeed in content, professionals must be motivated, trained and inspired to build their personal brands to pursue dreams, build influence and create real opportunities for themselves first, and then, the brands they work for.

Andrea has been blogging for a decade, and she’s authoring two very different blogs today, as well as contributing to many more. She’s a social media evangelist, considered a B2B content marketing and social media influencer in Asia, and has had the great privilege to work around the world – across Europe, the US, ANZ and Asia.

Andrea’s core skill-set is communications excellence – she listens to and understands her customers, and is considered by many a positive disruptor in her field. She is constantly seeking to motivate peers, coaching and mentoring them to be more effective with their personal digital branding, as well as defining and executing communication strategies, content strategy, content creation, senior executive personal branding coaching, messaging and positioning, as well as being a world-class business writer and story teller.

While Andrea’s career has been principally focused on ICT, she has also worked across defence, aerospace, government, travel & tourism, HR, the environment, professional services, healthcare, marketing services, financial services, and even the brewing industry.

Andrea is also the Chairman of the Asia Content Marketing Association (ACMA).

Previous roles include: Head of Content Marketing and Training at Novus Asia, Analyst Relations Lead for Microsoft Asia; Managing Director, SAJE, her own communications, content marketing & messaging agency; Director, Marketing Services for IDC Asia Pacific, Group Communications Manager for Baycorp Advantage, Sydney;  Marketing Communications Consultant, ClearForest, NYC; Account Director with Text 100 International, Boston & London; a PR Consultant for various firms, London; Communications Co-ordinator, AeroSpace Technologies of Australia (now Boeing); and a Musician in the Australian Army, followed by PR representative for the Australian Defence Force PR Unit.

Andrea left Australia in 1995 to pursue her deep love of travel and archaeology, and has a Bachelor of Arts from Monash University, majoring in music and archaeology.

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The Digital Conversationalist

Some feedback from across Andrea’s career

Andrea Edwards is a rare breed of writer. Searingly honest and accessibly droll, her no-nonsense approach to parenting and life in general brings laughter, tears and empathy in equal measure. Not for her the saccharine yummy mummies or restrictive regimes of the last decade or so: Andrea seeks to revolutionise mothering by telling it as it is.

Andrea’s debut is titled in exactly the same way she writes. Motherhood Without The Bollocks is refreshingly candid, wickedly funny and downright rude when it needs to be. This is what’s missing in parenting manuals today. If you’re looking for something a little more, well, human, then look no further. It has been an absolute pleasure to edit Andrea’s work and I can’t wait to read the sequel!

Bryony Sutherland, Freelance Writer & Editor

Feedback from Microsoft Colleagues and Awards

I have had the genuine pleasure to work with Andrea during her tenure at Microsoft and her passion drive and enthusiasm to build out the Analyst relations has been nothing short of brilliant. Her external focus coupled with her extensive and collaborative network of analysts across Asia has served us very well and with her tremendous work ethics, ability to get things done has earned her an excellent industry reputation… well deserved!

Stefan Sjöström, Vice President, Public Sector Asia at Microsoft

Andrea led Analyst relationship for Microsoft in APAC. She is among the very best in her field. Not only she is the ultimate expert, but she adds tons of passion, energy and innovative ideas in her work. Andrea is absolute pleasure to work with: highly collaborative, result orientated, great communicator and always driving to her vision. I would work with Andrea over and over again… Anytime.

Stanimira KolevaGeneral Manager for the Small & Midmarket Solutions & Partners Group, Microsoft Asia Pacific

The Gold Standards Awards 2014 Best In-house Team of the Year

Public Affairs Asia, December 2014

Voted one of Singapore’s Top 100 Social Sellers by LinkedIn

LinkedIn, October 2014

Andrea Edwards, The Digital ConversationalistI’ve worked with Andrea on numerous occasions while at Microsoft. In her capacity as an Analyst Relations Lead she has shown incredible organizational skills, deep relationships among the analyst community and garners the respect from those analysts. At Microsoft I rely on Andrea to open up and help me maximize the analyst community. This has greatly improved the understanding by both the analyst and business communities on what Microsoft has to offer. A specific success was when Andrea got nearly 60 analysts from many agencies to hear our pitch on the airline industry when most of the market knew little of what we can offer airlines. They believed that if Andrea said “attend this event” they knew they should.

Additionally, Andrea has co-authored several articles with me that have received significant internal and external praise. Her writing skills are creative, effective at conveying my messages and well-structured to get the content read from top to bottom by the intended audience.

I enjoy working with Andrea quite a lot. She is focused and clear in her views yet fun and charming with these interpersonal interactions that make working together productive and easy.

David Boden – Asia Sales Lead, Retail and Aerospace

It has been a real pleasure working with Andrea for the past year. She has made a significant contributions in the way we’ve engages with analysts in Asia – both on the quality of engagements, and our market positioning. I have been very impressed with her knowledge, relationships and passion for what she does as well as her ability to understand complex business issues and ways technology can solve these challenges.

Andrea has enabled me, our sales leads and our business executives, to further engage with analysts specific to the FSI sector, and she had done this for Microsoft Asia across the business.

What sets Andrea apart is her understanding of customers; What we need to be speaking about to ensure our enterprise customers think positively towards Microsoft, and of course, she understands how analysts use this information in their interactions with our customers.

Didier Ache – Asia Sales Lead, Financial Services Sector

Andrea is a passionate, dedicated, always upbeat professional who is ever ready to help individuals and businesses grow their social media and content marketing efforts. I have worked with her in Microsoft Asia and have learnt tremendously from her industry experiences and have found a great mentor in her. She would truly be a great asset to any organization and just being Andrea makes her stand out.

Kanika AgarwalDigital Manager at Vocanic (GroupM/WPP) | Digital Marketing Trainer | Enabler at @ATCAlliance | Ambassador at GirlRising

I had the great pleasure of working in the same team as Andrea for 8 months at Microsoft. She is incredibly passionate about the future of technology, pushes the boundaries of traditional thinking and lives and breathes communications. Andrea has a highly developed network externally but I was always impressed at her internal network building skills and how she managed to get to know everyone with such ease. Aside from her high professional abilities, Andrea is pure fun to be around and her positive attitude is contagious.

Danielle HomanMarketing and Communications Professional

Andrea is an extremely intelligent and creative professional who I’ve worked with in Microsoft for more than 1.5 years. She brings value beyond Analysts Relations, passionate about content creation and content marketing, and bringing that value to the Communications team. A combination of wits, humor and ideas, Andrea is an asset to any team she works with!

Darryn Lim Senior Corporate Communications Executive at EMAS GROUP

Microsoft Newshound Award 2014

Microsoft, May 2014 – Won the Best Analyst Relations Campaign for Microsoft Worldwide in 2014

IIAR Analyst Relations Professionals Award

March 2014 – Voted one of the Top Three Analyst Relations Professionals in the World.

I’ve had the pleasure of working in the same team as Andrea for over a year and have found her to be very talented and savvy. Andrea brings great communications and content marketing experience to the table, always down to earth and flavored with a good dose of humor. Anyone employing or working with Andrea is fortunate and in for some fun times!

Jesse Verstraete Corporate Communications Director Asia – Microsoft

Andrea is the person who can attract you with her expertise and passion. I am working with Andrea for multiple enterprise campaign amplification and her rich knowledge from her background and experience of digital/social marketing is really giving us an insight to drive ‘how’ to connect with different audiences with ‘what’ messages. I definitely recommend her if you would like your firm to be fun, passionate and at the same time, grow with big picture in this digital age.

Hye Jin Lee Experienced Marketing Executive, Passionate about Connecting with People, Enterprise Marketing Manager, Microsoft APAC

It has been a pleasure getting to meet and being able to collaborate with Andrea over the last couple of years at Microsoft. With over 20 years of work experience in various roles, Andrea is the best when it comes to content marketing, and building relations with industry analysts.

Personally it has been a great journey learning from, and being mentored by her. Good luck for greater things at Microsoft and beyond. Very highly recommended.

Thariyan Chacko Marketing & tech evangelist | Digital & social media enthusiast | Marketing pro | 10+ years


In the past year, Andrea has been immensely helpful in terms of working with me as an industry analyst. Very few AR people actually ‘get’ the difference between an analyst and a member of the media: that analysts work directly with organisations to solve tech and business issues, while media report on tech and business issues. So while both analysts and media are, to quote vendor marketing folks, “influencers,” each does so in a very different way, and have very different information needs. Andrea’s attention to detail, ability to work through the (sometimes arcane) structures of MS to deliver the information I need to get my clients back on track is first-class. What’s more, Andrea takes the time to understand my area of expertise, and provides just appropriate information. All in all, Andrea is a great example of how AR can be done. Thanks for the effort, Andrea!

Dr. Joe SweeneyTechnology advisor specialising in mobility, end-user computing strategies, licensing optimisation.

Life before Microsoft, in the UK, US, Australia and Singapore

Andrea is a highly talented communicator, marketer and business person. She has a knack for cutting through the clutter and getting to the heart of what organisations and people need to say about themselves, their products and services in order to be successful. Working with Andrea is like a breath of fresh air.

Jenny McDonald Founder and Principal at For Pity Sake Publishing

There are often a select few who deserve to be recognized as the important figures in one’s own career development. Andrea is that person to me and I owe a lot of my success to her. From day one at my first job through today, she is constantly challenging me to be a better professional and more importantly, a better person. She leads by example and has set the bar extremely high when it comes to being a manager, mentor and friend. When it comes to executing international marketing and communications programs, she’s the best I’ve ever seen. I can’t recommend her highly enough and I look forward to the day we get to work together again.

Andrew Noble Experienced Marketing and Communications Consultant

I worked closely with Andrea and her team while she was @ IDC. Andrea is absolutely fabulous to work with! From a vendor point of view it is very seldom that you get to work with people who just get it and are always one step ahead. Andrea not only has all the relevant Marketing and Communication experience but understand the requirements of the Business exceptionally well! She is positive, a great partner and I look forward to working with her again soon!

Annemarie Kikos APJ Business Operations, Innovation & Strategy leader, Office of the CTO at HP Enterprise Services

Andrea’s long history in various aspects of ITC marketing / communications means she can quickly grasp a client’s offerings and business issues, assess their needs, and then recommend (and implement) effective branding and go-to-market messaging and strategies.

Lisa Larson Lee Freelance PR & Communications Professional

Andrea is a rare find within the business world, possessing both business savvy and very creative thinking. Andrea built a successful business within IDC Asia Pacific with limited resources and support, and did so with a great approach and sense of humour. It was always a pleasure to work with Andrea. Highly recommend.

Natasha David – Editorial and Communications Director at FST Media

I have known Andrea for many years and couldn’t admire a person more. She has always brought a unique perspective and professional analytical thinking to marketing challenges. She pushes the notion of what is possible combined with an instinct for what is impactful. A force of nature, Andrea brings such passion and enthusiasm to all the work that she does and it shines through. Carving out new opportunities she operates as a business consultant opening new markets and opportunities for her clients. As a progressive tech-savvy, big thinking creative writer, Andrea has always brought her focus and energy to any job she has done, wowing clients and building powerful relationships with analysts and media. Andrea manages to combine a rich home life, with a creative work life and an overall enjoyment of every part life.

Siobhan Aalders Communications Strategy

It was proud to serve as Andrea’s first US manager when she relocated from London to Boston’s Text 100 office. She settled in easily and adapted quickly thanks to her great demeanour and personal approach, her willingness to dig in quickly and aggressively on behalf of her clients, and her wide-ranging intellectual curiosity. Andrea was not only a creative and talented communications pro who worked her tail off for her clients, she was a brilliant team mate who would do the same for her colleagues around the world. Though today separated by a continent or two, I’d be delighted to work with Andrea again in the future and would not hesitate to recommend her to prospective clients or employers.

Chris Nahil – Marketing and communications for growth companies

Text 100 Protocol Awards 2000

Award of excellence for launching to the North American market

Honorary Mention, PRSA Campaign of the Year 2000

Public Relations Society of America, November 2000